Make up Brush Cleaner and Dryer Spinner Electric Automatic cleaning kit + SLEEVE

£ 25.99


Make-up brush contains a simillar amount of bacteria and germs as toilet brushes IF left unclean! So it is necessary to clean the brush before next use! Cleaning a brush is not an easy deal. It takes a quite an amount of hard work to make it clean and then drying it.Just picking an electric make up brush cleaner and dryer isn’t enough. You need to select an appropriate one so that you don’t land up in a situation where you either need a repair or worse buy a new makeup brush cleaner machine

What’s in the box when you purchase it?

  • Brush Spinner -1
  • +Sleeve for Brush Cleaner -1
  •  Attachment spindle -1
  • Brush Spinner Bowl -1
  • Silicone seal and splash guard neck -1
  • Brush Collars (Different sizes) -8
  •  Collar stand -1
  •  Instruction leaflet-1

How should you use MakeUP brush Cleaner and Dryer?

Pour some water into the bowl and add the cleaning liquid that comes along with makeup brush cleaner kit, just the right amount that you feel is enough.

Find the collar that fits the best with the brush handle and then inserts it into the collar.

Dip the brush in the liquid and dunk it in liquid for few seconds typically 10seconds.

Turn on the spinner and let the makeup brush cleaner kit spinning This is where your brush is typically getting rinsed.

After some seconds, stop the spin, lift the brush and spin it for another 10 seconds so that it will get dried

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